At Mount Pisgah Church, we know that people enter into our midst through several different doors.  The door of outreach attracts those in our community that need the help of our congregation in spiritual and physical ways and make contact with us through the numerous community events we love to sponsor.  Also, there are many that feel closest to Christ when serving those that need their help.

The door of discipleship is opened by those that desire to know Christ by studying His word individually and in community.  They join in weekly and monthly groups to learn His ways and lead a more disciplined life.  Those that enter this door feel closest to Christ when studying His word and learning His commands.

The door of worship is entered by those that feel the strongest presence of God when joining in weekly worship services.  Many volunteer in our praise bands, choirs, and volunteer positions because this door brings them closest to Christ

No door is better or more holy than the other and so, at Mount Pisgah Church, whichever door you enter is up to you.  We are a community of friendly believers that serve joyfully, pray fervently, love unconditionally, and dream big God-sized dreams.  Come along and join us on this journey called life!