Thursday Morning Women’s Bible Study – ThuMBS Up

To begin 2022 the women’s Thursday morning Bible study group will be doing a 6-week study from the book of Luke entitled, Determined: Living Like Jesus In Every Moment by Heather Dixon.  In this study we will examine the life and ministry of Jesus focusing on the choices He made on His way to the cross.  Jesus remained laser-focused on His mission to love the world and will give us a model for intentional living that we can apply to ensure we are living each day to the fullest to make a difference for the Kingdom of God.

Our goal is to begin this study February 3.  If you are interested in participating in this study please contact Molly King ( or 336-288-0653) before January 27.  

Once the books are ordered you’ll be able to get your books from church and prepare the first week of readings before our first group session.  We do ask that everyone wear masks initially to participate in person in this study.  If you are interested in doing the study but cannot be present in person, please contact Molly to make arrangements for Zoom.