The Ernestine L. Penry Scholarship Foundation was formed to provide financial support to deserving men and women who are called to pursue a vocation in the ministry of Jesus Christ. In the 37 years since the inception of the foundation, we have been able to provide over $673,270.00 to 155 students in scholarship assistance. The fund has paid out 92.2% of all the income in scholarships.
     The Foundation was conceived in 1980 and named in honor of Ernestine, the wife of the Rev. Herbert T. Penry, Jr. Rev. Penry’s own struggle for theological education was made possible by the love and devoted support of Mrs. Penry. Ernestine provided the inspiration and leadership for their family of five children while Rev. Penry completed his baccalaureate degree at High Point College and went on to seminary at Duke University.
      During this time, the Penry family developed an intense commitment to higher education and to helping others who have a calling to the ministry of Jesus Christ, regardless of denomination.
Do you believe that:

God raises up pastors to lead?

God calls you to minister?

God calls you to share in pastoral ministry?


Here’s your opportunity!

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Contact Mount Pisgah Church at 336-288-3321.
(Deadline April 15th, 2022)
(Deadline April 15th, 2022)