Welcome to Mount Pisgah Church

At Mount Pisgah Church, we know that people enter into our midst through several different doors.  The door of outreach attracts those in our community that need the help of our congregation in spiritual and physical ways and make contact with us through the numerous community events we love to sponsor.  Also, there are many that feel closest to Christ when serving those that need their help. 

The door of discipleship is opened by those that desire to know Christ by studying His word individually and in community.  They join in weekly and monthly groups to learn His ways and lead a more disciplined life.  Those that enter this door feel closest to Christ when studying His word and learning His commands.

The door of worship is entered by those that feel the strongest presence of God when joining in weekly worship services.  Many volunteer in our praise bands, choirs, and volunteer positions because this door brings them closest to Christ

No door is better or more holy than the other and so, at Mount Pisgah Church, whichever door you enter is up to you.  We are a community of friendly believers that serve joyfully, pray fervently, love unconditionally, and dream big God-sized dreams.  Come along and join us on this journey called life!

Below, you will find our most popular information for guests.  

Traditional Worship – 11:00am 

This is a worship experience in which we use liturgy, hymns and order from both current and historical sources. You will find the structure very consistent each Sunday. Traditional worship is held in the Sanctuary, located under the steeple.

Contemporary Worship –  10:45am 

We call our contemporary worship experience, “The Mount.” We use current Christian music, and we design worship to be unique in structure each Sunday. Contemporary worship is held in the Fellowship Center, located on the far left of the building.

Outdoor Worship –  8:45am 

This is an outdoor worship service with various musical talents each week followed by the sermon.  Bring your own lawn chair. 

We strive to provide safe, engaging childcare for all the events held at Mount Pisgah. All of our childcare providers are background checked and serve under our Safe Sanctuary Policy. Every Sunday, and whenever we offer worship opportunities, we provide childcare for children ages 0 – 4 yrs. in our infant and toddler/preschool rooms.

Our Kids’ Ministry is alive and vibrant all year ’round. Nursery through 3 yrs learn the stories of the Bible while also learning to love one another through play. Kids 4yrs – 5th grade can dive into the Bible during Sunday School, worship together during Children’s Church, and sing their faith with our Children’s Choir. We also do missions, outreach and fellowship throughout the year through a variety of special events.  Parents learning opportunities are offered too, keep an eye on the bulletin for details.

Teens, 6th grade – 12th grade, are reminded that they matter to God and they matter to us when they become a part of the “Whobodies” Youth Group. They meet together for Sunday School, Small Groups, Basketball leagues, and Service Projects.  Check out our Whobodies page for more information!

During the summer, kids and teens have much to see and do through our ministries. They can sign up for VBS, participate in Day Camp, go on our Whobody Mission Trip, and much more!

Visit the Welcome Center for more information and to meet the children and youth leaders.


The Mount Pisgah campus is expansive. If you’re coming to Traditional or Contemporary Worship, it is best to park in the parking lot nearest Battleground Avenue. If you have children or teens to drop off, it is a good idea to park in the parking lot by our playground. On busy days, there is also overflow parking behind the Mount Pisgah building in the Lewis Recreation Center parking lot. See our Campus Map for more details.

Come join us Sundays between 9:15 am to 10:55 am for coffee, juice, snacks, and hospitality.  Look our the New Visitor area and let us know you are here.  Volunteers and staff at the Welcome Center can help answer your questions and direct you to the appropriate locations for our events and worship.

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