Young Adult Ministry

Mount Pisgah Announces New Young Adult Ministry, Hires Young Adult Pastor

Introducing our new Director of Young Adult Ministries, Cody Johnsen. Cody comes to Mount Pisgah as a recent graduate of Liberty University. He earned his degree in Business Communications and has sensed a calling and excitement for ministry.  He explains, “The opportunities for spiritual growth and discipleship with Millennials excite me greatly. I am also excited about the possibilities of the many people who have not stepped foot in our church yet and the new ways that that we can involve them once they connect.”

Cody began his ministry at Mount Pisgah on May 14th. However, his spiritual journey began much before that date. “I asked Jesus to be the Lord of my life when I was six years old. Then, I went on a Chrysalis flight the summer before my 9th grade year, through which I felt God calling me into a life of ministry. I recently graduated from Liberty University, where my faith walk was truly shaped and molded. I have a heart for Millennials; not just that they know Christ, but that they would desire to seek a deeper understanding of Him.”

Cody’s first few weeks have found him across the table from many of Mount Pisgah’s community members, learning people’s hearts, discovering their vision, and just connecting with them. He has new plans for discipleship & mission opportunities for millennials and can’t wait to get started.


Cody Johnsen, Director of Young Adult Ministries