Operation Christmas Child

Throughout the year, Mount Pisgah invests time and resources into Operation Christmas Child. This ministry sends Christmas gifts and the message of Jesus Christ to children around the world. Anytime during the year, participants can donate gift items, pack shoeboxes, and help encourage all those whose desire to bless the world’s children.

Emergency Response Team

A group of people, dedicated to restoring what has been broken, comes together to be trained and sent to mission sites around the nation. Most recently, Mount Pisgah’s Emergency Response Team has traveled to Lumberton to help rebuild what Hurricane Matthew destroyed. To get involved, contact the Church Office.

Mission Trips

Around the world and around town, Mount Pisgah is serving our neighbor! We are involved in serving at Church Under the Bridge, Greensboro Urban Ministries, Henderson Settlement, Indian Reservations, Appalachia, Costa Rica and more. If you would like to serve on a mission team, watch our newsletters, E-News and worship announcements. You can also contact the main office to put your name on one of our teams. 336-288-3321